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Videos / Podcasts

James Bach – Becoming a Software Testing Expert
James Bach – Context-Driven Testing (BSTC Meetup)
Michael Bolton – No more Fooling around
Alan Richardson – Thinking Visually In Software Testing (must see)
Joe Colantonio – Test Talks – Podcasts About Test Automation etc.
Jon Bach – Telling your exploratory story
Lee Copeland – Proving Our Worth: Quantifying the Value of Testing
Lee Copeland – The nine forgettings
James Bach – Open lecture on Software Testing
Julian Harty – Six thinking hats for testers
Jonathan Kohl – What’s More Important: Being Agile or Creating Value?
Russell Ackoff – Systems thinking made clear
Elisabeth Hendrickson – Agile Testing
Elisabeth Hendrickson – Testing Lessons from Extreme Programmers
Elisabeth Hendrickson – The Thinking Tester, Evolved (CAST 2012 Keynote)
James and Jon Bach – ET with subtitles
James Lyndsay – The irrational tester
Johanna Rothman – Agile Testing & Test Management
Liz Keogh – Haiku, Hypnosis & Discovery (also because I am in it)
Software Testing Club (STC) – software testing video collection
TestingPodcast – TestingPodcast
Øredev videos: 20092010201120122013
Daniel Kahneman – The Machinery of the mind


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