CopenhagenContext – Terms and Conditions

CopenhagenContext Terms and Conditions



CopenhagenContext is hosted by:
– PGT ApS – PrettyGoodTesting
– Ellehjørnet 14
– DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby – Denmark – VAT (DK34212228)


1 Definitions

1.1 [Company] refers to PGT ApS – PrettyGoodTesting.

1.2 [Service] covers the training course, course materials, etc. offered by the [company].

1.3 [Client] refers to the person, company or organisation with whom the contract is made, whether directly or indirectly through an agent who is acting on behalf of or as instructed by the [client].

1.4 [Invoice] means an electronic (PDF) invoice submitted by the [company] to the [client] covering the [services] provided/requested.


2 Overview of Terms and Conditions

2.1 These terms and conditions (2016-12-15) apply to:

  • The conference, training and training courses provided by the [company] whether it be public/open classes, classes held at the [client] or customised courses held at the [client]
  • Specific course materials sold
  • The licensing of this training.

2.2 Any order placed by the [client] – whether this is done in person, by telephone, in print, by email or by completing and submitting the booking form on our website – will count as a legally binding contract of engagement.

2.3 Confirmation of the [client’s] request will be sent by the course administrator in print, by email or as part of the [invoice].

2.4 An electronic (PDF) [invoice] will be sent to the [client] who made the booking(s) – including Joining Instructions.

2.5 The [Company] is entitled to change to another venue (listed in the ‘Joining Instructions’), in case the venue is not able to handle the number of delegates on the specific dates.


3 Prices

3.1 The price payable for the [service] will cover the [services] requested and agreed upon.

3.2 The fees shown on our website are current and will become payable once invoiced. However, the [company] cannot be held responsible for errors or misprints in the price list.

3.3 Any variation in our standard fee is only effective following a written agreement made in advance of the provision of the agreed [service].

3.4 The course fee for internal courses held at [client] or [client]specific courses does not include travel costs, meals or any other related expenses for the [company] except otherwise specified or agreed in writing.

3.5 The course fee for public/open class courses does not cover any expenses for the [client], except otherwise specified or agreed in writing.

3.6 Prices quoted excludes Danish VAT (25%), which is charged at the time of booking.


4 Discount

4.1 An overall discount may be offered to certain larger groups of individuals e.g. SIGiST (Special Interest Group in Software Testing).

4.2 To become valid, such discount must be applied for at the time of booking.

4.3 Any discount given will only relate to that one specific agreement and cannot be expected for any subsequent agreements.

4.4 No discounts except “Early Bird” prices (if applicable) can be combined. If e.g. a [client] is a member of more than one SIGiST the discounts for these, can’t be ‘added up’.


5 Payment Terms

5.1 Payment is due strictly 14 calendar days after the date of [invoice] for all fees, expenses and disbursements to be charged as agreed with the [client].

5.2 Internal training is always invoiced a minimum of 50 % of the course price upon confirmation.


6 Cancellations

6.1 Beside an administration fee of 20 % (of the invoiced total), there is no charge for cancellations made by the [client] more than eight weeks in advance of a course, beside this…

  • 25% of the course fee is payable for…
    cancellations made between six and eight weeks prior to a course.
  • 50% of the course fee is payable for…
    cancellations made between four and six weeks prior to a course.
  • 100% of the course fee is payable for…
    cancellations made less than four weeks prior to the course.

6.2 The 50 % upfront payment for internal training is not refunded in the event of a cancellation made by [client]. 6.1 (cancellation of public/open class courses) applies for the remaining 50 % of the course fee for internal training.


7 Refunds

7.1 In the unlikely event that a course is cancelled by the [company], a free transfer to alternative dates will be offered or a full refund will be given of any payments that have been made.

7.2 The [company] does not cover the [client’s] possible expenses in relation to travel, accommodation or cancellation fee (travel and accommodation), in relation to a possible cancelled/postponed course.


8 Payments, Registrations and Reservations

8.0 If invoice has not been paid timely, we might remove relevant delegate(s) from any delegate queue and leave [client] delegate(s) seat(s) to the delegate(s) ‘next in line’. When payment has been received, [client] delegate(s) is/are put back in the delegate queue, but as ‘last in line’.

8.1 Registrations are tied to a named individual and is not transferable or exchangeable (unless otherwise agreed in writing).


9 Non-Payment

11.1 If payment is outstanding for 30 calendar days, the [company] reserves the right to reject further participants from the same [client] on its courses, until outstanding debits have been paid or an effective re-payment plan has been mutually agreed.

11.2 An interest charge of 2% per month may be added to unpaid [invoices]. [Client] may be charged DKK 200 in each case a payment reminder is sent out.

11.3 If payment is outstanding for 60 calendar days solicitors may be instructed to recover the debt due by means of whichever appropriate legal measures there are.