[Topics] Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing Explained by James Bach
What is Exploratory Testing? by James Bach
What is Exploratory Testing? by Paul Carvalho
Exploring Exploratory Testing by Andy Tinkham and Cem Kaner
Exploratory Testing Dynamics by Jamers Bach, Jon Bach and Michael Bolton [must read]
Resources on Exploratory Testing, Metrics and Other Stuff by Michael Bolton
Exploratory Testing collected stuff by James Lyndsay
Exploratory testing in an agile context by Elisabeth Hendrickson
Breaking Down (and building up) Exploratory Testing Skill by Jon Bach
Tacit and Explicit Knowledge and Exploratory Testing by John Stevenson
Papers on ET by James Lyndsay
Structures of exploratory testing by Michael Bolton
An exploratory tester’s notebook by Michael Bolton
Testing vs checking by Michael Bolton
Testing and checking refined by James Bach
Evolving Understanding of Exploratory Testing by Michael Bolton
Testing, Checking, and Convincing the Boss by Michael Bolton
Telling your exploratory story by Jon Bach (pdf)
Telling your exploratory story by Jon Bach (video)
Tips for writing better charters by Michael D Kelly (video)
Rigorous exploratory testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson
Coding QA Podcast on Exploratory Testing Part 1 and Part 2 by Michael Bolton
Getting started with exploratory testing part 1part 2part 3part 4 by Jonathan Kohl
Documenting exploratory testing by Jonathan Kohl
User profiles and exploratory testing by Jonathan Kohl
Exploratory testing on agile teams by Jonathan Kohl
Explaining Exploratory Testing Relies On Good Notes by Robert Lambert
Does Exploratory Testing Have A Place On Agile Teams? by Johanna Rothman
10 ways to do ET badly by Tony Bruce
BBST stuff on ET by Cem Kaner
Exploratory Testing – Collected resources by Ministry of Testing


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