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Conferences – All

A list of Test and QA conferences (sorted by geography and alphabet)

Please let us know via COCO (at) CopenhagenContext (dot) com, if you are aware of other interesting Test and QA conferences, that we should include in the list below!



CopenhagenContext – Copenhagen, Denmark (context-driven testing) *** – 2014-2017
EuroSTAR – Europe (general testing)
Nordic Testing Days – (general testing)
Test&QA – Bilbao, Spain (embedded software testing)
TestBash – United Kingdom et. al. (general testing)


North America

CAST – USA (context-driven testing) ***
Better Software East – Orlando, Florida (general testing)
Better Software West – Las Vegas, Nevada (general testing)
STAR Canada – Toronto, Canada (general testing)
STAR East – Orlando, Florida (general testing)
STAR West – Anaheim, California (general testing)






Let’s Test – South Africa ***



CASTx – Australia (context-driven testing) ***


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