Testing Like Daredevil – CC-2016 – Track Session – R08 – Selected Video

Testing Like Daredevil w. Radomir Sebek, Native Instruments (DE)

In this track session including beats and music, Radomir talks about how context matters and (at the same time) how to use your experience and obtained skills from previous work to improve your testing.



When it comes to consuming music, entire experience sums up to which emotions get triggered in hearts and souls of the listeners.
When we speak about professional testing of electronic music systems, how important are emotions awaken inside tester in this process?
Can human senses (ears, eyes and touch) trick us or should we fully trust them?

How to justify heuristics of desired software behaviour when inputs do not necessarily come from sight sensors most of humans depend in daily work?

In this talk, focus will be streamed in following directions:
1. What makes testing (of even basic) electronic music production software and it’s related hardware ecosystems challenging?
2. How to explore and learn about the system when visual decision heuristics are not always the most important (audible and tactile experience do matter even more)?
3. Very often one hears testers in music industry speaking about “it feels right” or “it feels wrong”. How can we quantize and qualify “feeling” of certain flows and document our observations?
4. Mimicking various genres personas flow (hip-hop, minimal techno, dubstep, IDM/studio producers …) as way of implementing charter based sessions.

Audience will have chance to see short live performance on the very beginning of a talk, in order to feel what the system talk is based on / “is all about”.

Glorious take-aways of this thought provoking talk will be: Context and content do matter, critical thinking is the king!
(statement will be supported with real life examples from testing electronic music production software)

How to deal with making decisions based on/in the lack of various human sensors streams of inputs.
How testing and creativity are happily married in domain of music software.
What makes sense to automate in ecosystem of music production software.


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