Automation, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – CC-2016 – Track Session – R09 – Selected Video

Automation, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly w. Raluca Morariu, Betfair (RO)


When I first heard of automation (in the context of continuous delivery), I thought it was the holy grail of testing that will save me time and make testing better.

Although the previous two statements are true, what I have learned over the last three and a half years is that it can be both good and bad, and sometimes ugly.

I will show you what I have learned through doing it everyday(and sometimes in my sleep), what mistakes I’ve made and also what success looks like.

Key points

  • Automation will challenge you like no other but it will be fun and rewarding to overcome those challenges
  • Automation done badly can do more harm then good
  • How to start automation on a project and where does that lead you


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