Welcome to CopenhagenContext 2017


I was very excited to be asked to be the Program Chair for CopenhagenContext 2017 and I am just as excited by the program that we have selected for the conference.

First, let me say that we received a lot of excellent submissions and that making the final selection was very difficult. In addition to having excellent sessions that fit the theme, “Let’s Step it Up with Context-Driven Testing”, we wanted to have a lot of diversity so that we would truly have a conference program that would be able to appeal to any and all testers. We successfully achieved diversity in many different areas:

  • Almost 50% of the speakers are women
  • We have speakers from 11 different countries across 5 continents
  • Different sessions are suitable for beginners through expert level
  • Hands-on sessions as well as lectures
  • Technical and non-technical
  • New and experienced speakers

I am very pleased with the program that we selected. As CopenhagenContext is one of the lowest priced conferences I expect to see you there!





The CopenhagenContext 2017 Program Committee:
Paul Holland (Program Chair), Keith Klain, Maria Kedemo, Duncan Nisbet