Diversity see CopenhagenContext

 As Program Committee member Keith Klain put’s it in his GREAT blog post “Diversity in Tech at CopenhagenContext” on www.QualityRemarks.com:

“…I thought it would be helpful to share an experience report about the selection committee of CopenhagenContext. The committee was made up of folks who I have both a great deal of respect and in some form or another have had personal/professional relationships – Paul Holland was the program chair the other two members were Maria Kedemo and Duncan Nisbet…”

“…From our very first meeting, the topic of representation of women and minorities was discussed, including this great reference guide for women speakers from Katrina Clokie. We did not set a target for how many women and people of color we wanted in the program, but I am sure we all had expectations dependent on the submissions…”

“…From a gender perspective, 32% of the submission were women, so we were already starting from a smaller pool and why programs like SpeakEasy are so vital to our business. I am a firm believer in the power of seeing positive examples that people can draw inspiration from, emulate, copy, whatever it takes to see for themselves that they can do it too. I’ve heard of similar submission sizes from many of my colleagues and to me, that’s why we need to keep pushing and getting more folks on stage that represent all of us…”

Read Keith’s full blog post “Diversity in Tech at CopenhagenContext” HERE


And as Program Chair Paul Holland put’s it:

“…we wanted to have a lot of diversity so that we would truly have a conference program that would be able to appeal to any and all testers. We successfully achieved diversity in many different areas…”

  • Almost 50% of the speakers are women (50% when it comes to 2 keynotes and 12 track sessions)
  • We have speakers from 11 different countries across 5 continents
  • Different sessions are suitable for beginners through expert level
  • Hands-on sessions as well as lectures
  • Technical and non-technical
  • New and experienced speakers

I am very pleased with the program that we selected. As CopenhagenContext is one of the lowest priced conferences I expect to see you there!






The CopenhagenContext 2017 Program Committee:
Paul Holland (Program Chair), Keith Klain, Maria Kedemo, Duncan Nisbet