CopenhagenContext 2017 – Call For Papers – Theme, What to speak about and Speaker compensation – CFP is CLOSED !!

Paul Holland – CopenhagenContext 2017 Program Chair – Check out Paul on the CFP videoCC-2017 - Paul Holland - CFP

We are looking for stories and presentations based on actual experiences, that helped introduce context-driven testing to a new group or company, made context-driven testing more effective or more efficient or anything that advance the adoption or use of context-driven testing.

Apply to talk at CopenhagenContext 2017 and you will probably get to meet me, Peter, Jan and Vlad – beside of course Duncan Nisbet (UK), Keith Klain (US) and Maria Kedemo (SE).

See you at Tivoli Congress Center on September 21st and 22nd 2017

Take care – PaulCFP is CLOSED !!



Peter Jackwashingtonsmithonionson on the theme – Check out Peter on the CFP videoCC-2017 - Peter Jackwashingtonsmithonionson - CFP

I think the theme sounds great – I just wish I had something to say, so I could apply to speak at the conference.


Well Peter, funny that you should say that, even if you are slightly interested in speaking at a conference, but you are not sure if anyone wants to hear what you have to say. Well I’m here to tell you that most people will want to hear almost any thing that you have to say about your own experiences and what worked and did not work for you.

Cheers – Paul – CFP is CLOSED !!



Jan Erikhanandersson on what to speak about – Check out Jan on the CFP videoCC-2017 Jan Erikhanandersson - CFP

Hi – I have only been a tester for three years and all at the same company – I never really thought that we did anything special. But when I was talking to some people at a conference, a few months ago, they were really interested in my experience. They suggested that I should speak at a conference and tell everybody about what I do.

I thought they were making fun out of me – but then I realized that what was obvious to me was not obvious to them and they were serious that I should apply.

So I am going to apply to speak at CopenhagenContext 2017 – I hear it’s going to be great.


Thank you Jan – see almost anyone can be a speaker.

Cheers – Paul – CFP is CLOSED !!


Vlad Romanovskiadov on speaker compensation – Check out Vlad on the CFP videoCC-2017 - Flad Romanovskiadov - CFP

I would like to speak at the conference, but the last conference I applied to I got NO compensation and I don’t know if I can afford to speak at another conference again.


Well Vlad, that is a very good point and I have heard on good authorities that speakers coming to CopenhagenContext 2017 will be compensated with entrance to the day of the conference, 50 % off the cost of the tutorials and some money towards travel expenses, depending on where you live – See below for an overview of speaker compensation.

Cheers – Paul – CFP is CLOSED !!


Speaker compensation
North America,
Africa, Asia
Other Continents
Track session **   EUR 300   EUR 700   EUR 900
Half day tutorial **   EUR 500   EUR 1,200   EUR 1,300
Half day tutorial + track session **   EUR 600   EUR 1,300   EUR 1,400
Full day tutorial   EUR 700   EUR 1,400   EUR 1,500
Full day tutorial + track session   EUR 800   EUR 1,500   EUR 1,600

Plus: Free conference day (Friday) incl. breakfast buffet (light), lunch and refreshments

Plus: 50 % off any (Thursday) tutorial **