CopenhagenContext 2017 – Program Chair

CopenhagenContext 2017 Chair:

We are thrilled to be able to announce Paul Holland (US) as Chair for CopenhagenContext 2017. Paul is well known and very active within the context-driven software testing community worldwide. Paul is one of four instructors of Rapid Software Testing (RST) course and has an ability to explain “stuff” in a simple way (see below example from Association For Software Testing).

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From Paul’s public profile:

I help companies transform their software testing from “old school” outsourced checking (they call it testing) to brain-engaged, context-driven software testing.

I am a Software Testing consultant and teacher. I am one of four instructors worldwide for the Rapid Software Testing course. Visit for more information.

I specialize in adapting testing methodologies to be more effective, efficient, and reducing waste. Finding ways to document only that which needs to be documented. Modifying reporting of test activities to provide actionable information to stakeholders and reduce/eliminate potentially harmful metrics (like pass/fail rates and % of Test Cases executed, etc.) and instead generate useful reports (listing issues, coverage, amount of effort per feature area, etc.).

I am currently a Senior Director of Test Engineering at Medidata Solutions, Inc. in New York city. Previously, I was Head of Testing for over 2 years at a small consulting company and before that I was an independent software testing consultant. From 1995 through 2012 I worked at Alcatel-Lucent (formerly Newbridge).

During that time I worked primarily as a test manager in the DSL group, and on test automation of ATM switches – focusing on Switched Services, Cell Relay line cards, and Frame Relay line cards.

Prior to entering the telecommunications field, I flew Sea King helicopters for the Canadian Military.

– Software Testing Consultant
– Rapid Software Testing Teacher
– Telecommunications
– Test automation
– Managing – to produce effective software testing teams


Paul on Skills Based Testing and Easter Egg’s – Provided by Association For Software Testing (read about AST here)


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