[2017] Accommodation

CopenhagenContext 2017 – Nearby Accommodation



Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center – HIGH RATE – VENUE
Arni Margnussons Gade 2
DK-1577 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 45 99 00 00
E: Info@Tivoli-CC.dk
W: www.TivoliCongressCenter.com


Copenhagen Island Hotel – MEDIUM HIGH RATE – 8 min walk from VENUE

Kalvebod Brygge 53
DK-1560 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 33 38 96 00
E: CopenhagenIsland@Arp-Hansen.dk
W: www.CopenhagenIsland.com


Get a PrettyGoodPrice at any Arp-Hansen (currently 12) hotel’s in Copenhagen (inclusive VENUE hotel)
Get flexibility, low price and breakfast included at any Arp-Hansen hotel (currently 12) in Copenhagen.


Any Arp-Hansen hotel (but WakeupCopenhagen) via www.Arp-Hansen.com
Click “Corporate login”, enter Corporate Id: “43458732”, Password: “hotel” and click “login”
Enter date(s), click “SEARCH” to obtain a list of hotel’s and then click specific “VIEW PRICES”
Ensure “PrettyGoodTesting Aftalepris Inklusiv morgenmad” is selected, click “SELECT ROOM” and go on…


Wakeup Copenhagen – MEDIUM LOW RATE – 1 min walk from VENUE
Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11
DK-1577 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 44 80 00 00
E: WakeupCopenhagen@Arp-Hansen.dk
W: www.WakeupCopenhagen.com

Get a PrettyGoodPrice at WakeupCopenhagen hotel
Get flexibility, low price and breakfast included at Arp-Hansen WakeupCopenhagen hotel (next to venue)

WakeupCopenhagen via www.WakeupCopenhagen.com
Enter Corporate Id: “43458732”, Password: “hotel” and click “login”
Ensure “Corporation PrettyGoodTesting” is now shown
Enter date(s), click “Search” to obtain a list of rooms and then click specific room
Ensure “PrettyGood…” is selected, click “BOOK” and go on…


Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City – LOW RATE – 15 min walk from VENUE
Banegaardspladsen 4
DK-1570 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 70 23 56 35
E: Astoria@ZleepHotels.com
W: www.ZleepHotels.com/en

Get a PrettyGoodPrice at Zleep Hotel(s)
Get flexibility and 15 % off

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City via www.ZleepHotels.com/en
Check “Company login”
Click “Company login
Enter “34212228”
Click “Add”
Search for date(s) and go on…


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