[2017] Accommodation

CopenhagenContext 2017 – Nearby Accommodation


Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center – HIGH RATE – VENUE
Arni Margnussons Gade 2
DK-1577 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 45 99 00 00
E: Info@Tivoli-CC.dk
W: www.TivoliCongressCenter.com


Copenhagen Island Hotel – MEDIUM HIGH RATE – 8 min walk from VENUE

Kalvebod Brygge 53
DK-1560 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 33 38 96 00
E: CopenhagenIsland@Arp-Hansen.dk
W: www.CopenhagenIsland.com


Get a PrettyGoodPrice at any Arp-Hansen (currently 12) hotel’s in Copenhagen (inclusive VENUE hotel)
Get flexibility, low price and breakfast included at any Arp-Hansen hotel (currently 12) in Copenhagen.


Any Arp-Hansen hotel (but WakeupCopenhagen) via www.Arp-Hansen.com
Click “Corporate login”, enter Corporate Id: “43458732”, Password: “hotel” and click “login”
Enter date(s), click “SEARCH” to obtain a list of hotel’s and then click specific “VIEW PRICES”
Ensure “PrettyGoodTesting Aftalepris Inklusiv morgenmad” is selected, click “SELECT ROOM” and go on…


Wakeup Copenhagen – MEDIUM LOW RATE – 1 min walk from VENUE
Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11
DK-1577 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 44 80 00 00
E: WakeupCopenhagen@Arp-Hansen.dk
W: www.WakeupCopenhagen.com

Get a PrettyGoodPrice at WakeupCopenhagen hotel
Get flexibility, low price and breakfast included at Arp-Hansen WakeupCopenhagen hotel (next to venue)

WakeupCopenhagen via www.WakeupCopenhagen.com
Enter Corporate Id: “43458732”, Password: “hotel” and click “login”
Ensure “Corporation PrettyGoodTesting” is now shown
Enter date(s), click “Search” to obtain a list of rooms and then click specific room
Ensure “PrettyGood…” is selected, click “BOOK” and go on…


Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City – LOW RATE – 15 min walk from VENUE
Banegaardspladsen 4
DK-1570 Copenhagen V
T: (+45) 70 23 56 35
E: Astoria@ZleepHotels.com
W: www.ZleepHotels.com/en

Get a PrettyGoodPrice at Zleep Hotel(s)
Get flexibility and 15 % off

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen City via www.ZleepHotels.com/en
Check “Company login”
Click “Company login
Enter “34212228”
Click “Add”
Search for date(s) and go on…


Use of Portals

By using hotel portals, it is often possible to achieve lower prices
– www.booking.com
– www.hotels.com
– other…


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