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CopenhagenContext 2016 Social sponsor: Northern Test Consulting







Northern Test Consulting is a company that not only says it values the best people in the industry but also lives according to its motto. To work in Northern Test Consulting you have to fulfill these three characteristics.

Passionate about Software Testing: This is what we do and love above all else, we specialize in fantastic testing that brings value to the customers, and we love staying up-to-date and continuously improving ourselves with self-studies, attending conferences, and company events where we train to be better testers.

Technically skilled: If you are going to test software then you need to understand how software works. You need to have a solid a deep knowledge about technology and what makes up the systems in order to truly push it’s boundaries.

Never-ending energy and drive: When you work with a Northern Test Consultant you will notice value and impact from day 1, no passive waiting. We love acting proactively and know the importance of customer being able to bring us in and being able to relax and trust that we do an excellent job straight away.

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