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CopenhagenContext 2016 – Partners

CopenhagenContext 2015 - Partner - The Danish IT Society







The Danish IT Society “DanskIT” or (in short) “DIT” is an independent organization and Denmark’s largest community of IT professionals with more than 6500 members. Danish IT Society works towards raising awareness and increasing the use of information technology to the individual’s and Society’s benefit. Together with our dedicated members, we want to promote the digital development of Denmark as well as represent our member’s IT professional interests in the political arena.

Within The Danish IT Society you can focus on your career through the continuous development of skills and participation in one of our many networking groups, annual conferences or get updates through one of The Danish IT Society’s many courses.


CopenhagenContext 2015 - Partner - Tecpoint







Tecpoint is a soon 40 years old association of technology companies. As its main activity Tecpoint offers a number of experience networks for members. Tecpoint network for Software testing and test management is among the oldest in Denmark. Check out more about the networks at www.tecpoint.dk.



Speak Easy is a voluntary program designed to increase diversity and promote new voices at tech conferences through dedicated conference spots, mentoring and events. If you’re a context-driven tester with great ideas and experience and a desire to speak for the first time at a conference, we’ll match you up with an experienced speaker who can mentor you through the whole process: from developing your idea into a great proposal and developing a compelling presentation, to delivering your presentation with confidence to an engaged audience.

CopenhagenContext 2016 has dedicated a track session for one new voice who comes through the Speak Easy program. Anyone registered on the Speak Easy site at www.speaking-easy.com/be-mentored is eligible, so do sign up now and let us know you want a Speak Easy mentor’s help to prepare a CopenhagenContext 2016 proposal.


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