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ScrumDesk Company products portfolio and agile consultancy services help teams apply agile practices correctly.

ScrumDesk is the only tool integrating Agile Practices Analytics that validates more than 75 typical mistakes in application of agile practices. It saves time of ScrumMasters, team members and product owners and enables them to learn correct Scrum application and self-organization.

ScrumDesk Professional is an enterprise project management solution that supports all Scrum roles and ceremonies. It engages self-organization of agile teams with great clarity of product backlog, support of release and sprint planning including team estimation. Daily life is tracked on index cards pinned on Kanban boards. An online retrospectives, including voting for the best ideas, are also included. Agile metrics, printed cards and documents, time tracking, impediments management, integration and instant synchronization are available as well.

ScrumDesk Start!, SaaS solution for small agile teams who focus on getting the results instead of complicated process. It brings Scrum practices fundamental for fast product development by self-organized teams. Start! emulates physical scrumban board in web browser. Free to organize board for index cards helps apply user story mapping technique. Plan your release and sprints with velocity prediction. Break down backlog items into multiple tasks. Track progress in burn down charts. Continuously improve with an online retrospectives and voting.

ScrumDesk Start!, a new generation of agile project management tools, brings physical world full of post-its and boards into an online world.

ScrumDesk Agile consultancy services has changed life of more than thousands of people globally. We prepare, design, execute and support Agile adoption programs, mentor managers, ScrumMasters, Product Owners and development teams. We provide agile training for all agile roles and team coaching as well. We trained ISV, startups, financial institutions, telecommunication operators and non-IT companies.

Our founders started Agile movement in Slovakia. To support local community, ScrumDesk Company organizes ScrumImpulz conference, the only agile conference in Slovakia.

Our contacts: http://www.scrumdesk.com, sales@scrumdesk.com, @scrumdesk



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