[2015][R07] Why opposing ISO 29119 is important

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Why opposing ISO 29119 is important [R07]

Track Session with Johan Jonasson, International Society for Software Testing (CH)

There has been opposition against the new software testing standard ISO 29119 for as long as there has been people working on the standard. Lately, the opposition has increased in both volume, tone and precision. I’d like to share my views on ISO 29119 and its contents and why I, and many others in the context-driven testing community, strongly oppose this standard. 

I will go through the reasons and history behind the opposition and what has been done so far to raise awareness in the industry through petitions, articles and debates. If you are unfamiliar with ISO 29119, you will gain hopefully gain a better understanding of the standard through this presentation, and you will for sure leave the room ready to pick a side and take action.



CopenhagenContext_2015_Person_Speaker_Profile_Johan_JonassonchJohan is one of the founding members of the International Society for Software Testing (ISST), which is a world-wide association of testers who work together to develop and promote an approach to software testing that emphasises value and the role that skilled testers play in its delivery, as well as openly oppose and criticise practices that are wasteful or that seek to dehumanise testing.

On the local level, in his home town of Linköping, Johan has helped create the EAST Association for Software Testing, which is a local peer group that meet up once a month to share experiences and help develop each other’s testing skills.


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