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The Business Minded Tester [R06]

Track Session with Håkan Ramberg, Knowit Quality Services (SE)

Håkan explains why testers need to understand why companies really invest in testing. By asking the right questions and providing insights of how the product really works, the tester can become an invaluable asset to the development team and external stakeholders. Product owners for example do care great about their product and the cost and time constraints involved, not always about how the product is built. They do have the right to ignore this process and we as testers can learn how to assist in bridging this gap and build market awareness in the team. Without understanding the business value a tester provide, or could provide, the tester is simply not reaching his or hers full potential as a professional tester.

Key learning outcomes
* Companies does not really care about quality, they care about the outcome that a certain quality level provides
* Testers need to start reporting the business value of the product under test because they are in a unique position to do so.
* How concretely can testers increase their business value? Some examples:
– Really understand the company providing the product
– Understand the problems the product should resolve
– Understand personas and their relationship with the product
– Build market awareness in the team

Håkan is CEO of Knowit Quality Services and a business developer within testing. He has played a central role in building a consultant business unit within test & verification in Sweden from 0 to over 15.000.000€ in sales per year. With a Master of science degree Håkan started his career as a test consultant in 2004 and have worked as tester/test leader/mentor and advisor for several different companies since.



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