[2015][R02] Dealing with Context Change

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Dealing with Context Change [R02]

Track Session with Huib Schoots and Ruud Cox, Improve Quality Services (NL)

The first principle of context-driven testing is: “The value of any practice depends on its context.” James Bach defined context in his keynote at Let’s Test in 2013 as “All the factors that significantly influence the problems and solutions that lie within the scope of their mission.”

How do you analyze your context? What factors are influential and how do you model these? And once you know your context how do you use this information to adjust your testing to this context?

In this interactive and challenging track you will find out what context means and what factors matter.

We will also learn how models like the heuristic test strategy model from Rapid Software Testing and visualization techniques like “the product ecology” developed by Ruud can be used to resolve this context analysis problem.

You will find that factors you haven’t anticipated may play a unexpected role while you are testing your product.

• https://www.satisfice.com/tools/satisfice-cm.pdf
• https://www.ruudcox.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/an-example-of-a-product-ecology-for-testers/



CopenhagenContext_2015_Person_Speaker_Profile_Huib_SchootsnlHuib Schoots is a tester, consultant and people lover. He works for Improve Quality Services, a provider of consultancy and training in the field of testing. He shares his passion for testing through coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of test subjects. With fifteen years of experience in IT and software testing, Huib is experienced in different testing roles. Curious and passionate, he is an agile and context-driven tester who attempts to read everything ever published on software testing. A member of TestNet, AST and ISST, black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of software testing and co-author of a book about the future of software testing.

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CopenhagenContext_2015_Person_Speaker_Profile_Ruud_CoxnlRuud Cox is a test consultant with extensive experience in the embedded systems industry. In the first part of his professional career he worked, with much enthusiasm, as a software developer. In 2001 he discovered his real passion; software testing. He considers himself a context-driven tester who considers the testing profession a tour in which relevant subjects must be studied and practiced in order to become a better tester. He worked for companies in various domains such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, lighting and healthcare. He currently works for Improve Quality Services, a provider of consultancy and training in the field of testing.

See also Ruud’s full day Tutorial “How to be an Explorer of Software” [U09]

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