[2015][R01] Painting like an Engineer – Skills in Testing

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Painting like an Engineer – Skills in Testing [R01]

Track Session with Alexandra Casapu, Altom Consulting (RO)

Heuristics are at the basis of the idea that there is no absolute knowledge, but there are things that work here and now. A heuristic does not guarantee a solution, but it reduces the time for solving a problem, and its acceptance depends on the immediate context, instead of an absolute standard. 

Context-driven testing emphasizes the importance of the testers’ skills and judgement.
In order to be able to test effectively this product, in this context, I need to use an appropriate combination of skills. 

My initiative for producing more value with context-driven testing is to turn towards myself, to reflect on my skills through the perspective of heuristics. 

So I would like to walk you through a painting of my testing-world, where my skills are heuristics that I use. This will contain a retrospective analysis of my testing skills at work, done with the aim of revealing new helpful information in my skill development process.
I listed the skills I am conscious that I’m using in testing, organized them into categories and connected them to corresponding specific examples from my work. Through these examples, we will see how
– I found that I was combining a lot more skills than I expected to perform a task
– I found that I am under-using or over-using my skills in different contexts
– some of my skills atrophied
– seemingly opposing skills can work together (like having diverse view-points and sticking with a consistent view-point), and other insights.

My current direction is to gather lessons from my experience and work towards becoming a skilled workman – an artisan. This also implies evolving new skills, letting go of some old ones, changing skills to fit the environment and also changing the environment to fit new skills.



CopenhagenContext_2015_Person_Speaker_Profile_Alexandra_CasapuroAlexandra Casapu does software testing at Altom Consulting. The environment she works in has facilitated her learning on the importance of context in testing, the exploratory approach, and caring a great deal about improving her testing skills. 
Her focus on her current project is on achieving a balance between working on understanding the users and their needs and collaborating effectively with the technical team.
After finishing school in the educational system, she took full responsibility of her learning. Since then she enrolled in BBST courses, followed courses on Coursera, read challenging books, had coaching sessions on testing, presented at Eurostar in 2013, and at CAST in 2014. In 2013 her presentation was voted for the do-over session at EuroSTAR. And Alexandra is in the program committee for EuroSTAR 2014.


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