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Work together in hands-on TestNote [K02]

Keynote with James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions Ltd. (UK)

This keynote is a TestLab!

At the start of CopenhagenContext, you’ll get access to a software system that is mostly-unknown to most of you, and we’ll spend the duration of this session digging into it. After a swift introduction to the system and some handy test artefacts, we will group ourselves around shared ideas, and go testing. You’ll have opportunities to share and absorb whatever has been found during testing, and we’ll wrap up with a poll for the most interesting discovery.

Bring a wifi enabled laptop with a browser, and your usual tools.

Session facilitated by James Lyndsay – if you’d like to volunteer to be a facilitator or core skill for a group, contact James (@WorkroomPrds).



CopenhagenContext_2015_Person_Speaker_Profile_James_LyndsayukJames has been testing since 1986, and has worked independently since setting up Workroom Productions in 1994. As a consultant, he’s worked in a variety of businesses and project styles; from retail to telecommunications, from rapidly-evolving internet start-ups to more traditional large-scale enterprise. He’s worked to technical requirements for companies that make and sell software, to commercial requirements for companies that buy and use software, and to unexpected requirements everywhere. He’s been in and out of agile (and Agile) teams since 2002. James was an internal irritant to the ISEB exam process for five years, is a regular speaker and occasional teacher, runs LEWT (the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing) and has won prizes for his papers.


See also James’ half day Tutorial “Bulk Testing and Visualisation” [U06]

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