[2015] Gallery – 2015-02-27 – Track Sessions

CopenhagenContext 2015 – Conference day on February 27th 2015 – Track Sessions

R01: Painting like an Engineer – Skills in Testing with Alexandra Casapu (RO)
R02: Dealing with Context Change with Huib Schoots (NL)
R03: Why is Testing Low Status with Bolette Stubbe Teglbjærg (DK)
R04: When to let go – An Automation Story with Andreas Cederholm (SE)
R05: Pair-Wise Testing Explained with Lee Copeland (US)
R06: The Business Minded Tester with Håkan Ramberg (SE)
R07: Why opposing ISO 29119 is important with Johan Jonasson (CH)
R08: The Mismeasure of Software with Lee Copeland (US)
R09: The Story of a Strange Seed with Helena Jeret-Mäe (EE)

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