[2015] Gallery – 2015-02-27 – Other

CopenhagenContext 2015 – Conference day on February 27th 2015 – Other

Thursday Tutorials – see www.CopenhagenContext.com/2015-gallery-2015-02-26
Saturday Tutorials – see www.CopenhagenContext.com/2015-gallery-2015-02-28

W01: Whisky Tasting Session – Thursday with Graham Freeburn

C01: Welcome to CopenhagenContext 2015 with Chair Graham Freeburn
C02: Closing CopenhagenContext 2015 with Chair Graham Freeburn

Lobby: Video Booth, Mingle and Drink etc.

Get an overview of our galleries at www.CopenhagenContext.com/2015-Gallery

W02: Whisky Tasting Session – Friday with Graham Freeburn



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