[2014][K02] Harnessing Exploratory Testing with Heuristics

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Harnessing Exploratory Testing with Heuristics


Carsten Feilberg, House of Test, Denmark.


Testing exploratory can be perceived as a daunting task if you were never allowed to do it for real. While most testers instinctively use exploratory testing when they are presented with new features or systems to test, many feel slightly lost, which is a pity since this is an incredible powerful testing approach. With a little training, a few tools and encouragement it will flourish and you and your fellow testers will never look back again.
As a starting point we will go through a number of heuristics – fallible shortcuts to solving problems and finding inspiration – and see how they paired with skills and an open mind will help us find lots of information we might not even have realized we were looking for. Through skillful evaluation we can boost our exploration further, but of course we need discipline, order and structure – but maybe not quite in the way you think. In this session I will show you how to set your exploring powers free – starting with defining open-ended charters, then using heuristics to guide both your planning and your testing, as well as how to keep track and provide the necessary documentation by keeping session logs. In short – what’s going on when we do exploratory testing and why it really is fully structured, documented and very much the real testing.


Carsten Feilberg has been testing and managing testing for almost a decade and a half working on various projects covering the fields of insurance, pensions, public administration, retail and other back office systems as well as a couple of websites.  Since 1994 he has worked as a consultant in IT. His experience ranges from one-person do-it-all projects to being delivery and test manager on a 70+ system migration project involving almost 100 persons. He is also a well known blogger, PSL graduate, life member of AST, founding member of ISST, founder of DWET (danish workshop on exploratory testing), presenter at international conferences and a strong advocate for context-driven testing and as a coach, mentor and teacher he prefers the experiential learning style. He is living and working in Denmark as a consultant at House of Test.


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