CopenhagenContext 2016 – Call For Papers – CLOSED !!!

CopenhagenContext_2016_Chair_Ilari_Henrik_AegerterToday (April 30st – 2015) we’re opening the Call for Papers (CFP) for CopenhagenContext 2016 and you can submit your proposal via the Speaker Application Form – (CFP) is open until Monday 23:59:59 August 31st – 2015.

Let’s talk about context-driven testing
We are tremendously excited to invite you as a speaker to our 2016 edition of CopenhagenContext. The theme will be “Let’s talk about context-driven testing”. When we say “talk” we picture an engaging conversation among all participants of the conference. We believe this to be the central idea of a conference: To confer and to exchange ideas.
We also want new voices
We are also proud to announce our partnership with Speak Easy  We will provide one guaranteed slot for a new speaker who has been mentored by the brilliant Speak Easy programme. We also want new voices. We also want speakers who have not spoken at a conference before. This is your chance. Tell us your story.
We want YOU to send us your proposal
Now we call YOU to action. Engage with us in a conversation about context-driven testing and let’s make next year’s conference an unforgettable experience for all. Click HERE to send us your proposals. It is on you to make this as much of a success as you can handle. You will have time to craft your proposal until August 31st 2015 (at the latest). Impress us and you will be on the programme.


Ilari Henrik Aegerter – House of Test (CH)
CopenhagenContext 2016 – Chair


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